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Hi there! I'm Kerrie (she/her).

My first experience with narrative design was using my favorite games as sandboxes to tell my own stories. Animal Crossing and The Sims were obvious choices for emergent storytelling, but I found it just as fun to impose my own narratives onto games like Halo, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and The Simpsons: Road Rage.

This love of storytelling and games persisted, leading me to pursue the path of game and narrative design in college, when I attended the University of Connecticut for Game Design & Development.

I put the titles "narrative designer" and "game developer" at the forefront of my work, but that's not the whole story.  I am also a writer, sex educator, and performer.

I am currently pursuing my Sex Educator Certification, frequently participate in my local theatre scene, and write about sexual health (soon to be published).

Favorite games: Bloodborne, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Silent Hill 2 & 3, Final Fantasy IX, Night in the Woods, Life is Strange, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, Shadow of the Colossus, Elder Scrolls Online.

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